Deletion of this Forum wef 15 Aug 2008

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Deletion of this Forum wef 15 Aug 2008

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:45 pm

Dear Contributors,

This forum will cease to exist at this web address, with effect from 11.55pm on 15 Aug 2008. The forum will be migrated to inet.

This decision was made due to the need to safeguard the welfare of our students.

Due to this being a public forum, accessible by non-members of the school, it exposes our students to the following risks:

1. Impersonation by non-members of the school
2. Abuse by non-members of the school
3. Information about school curriculum and programmes being used irresponsibly by the media or other without our knowledge, consequentially affecting the reputation of the school and by extension devaluing the school's programme in the public eye , and affecting the prospects of our students.

All of these will bear grave consequences for our school, most seriously on the short and long term welfare of our students.

I am aware that the anonymity of this forum was a highly valued commodity among all of you. I am also aware that inet at present does not offer that anonymity. I assure all of you at this juncture that the school is serious about engaging all of you to discuss school issues openly, passionately and responsibly. The school assures you that so long as your posts are not malicious, and grounded in real experiences not conjecture or speculation, you can express yourselves as freely as you have done here. No one will take you to task for your views.

We are working on the possibility of building anonymity into inet so that you can once again enjoy that privilege. Please bear with the status quo at this point. Keep posting on inet.

Thank you for your many constructive posts here over the past eight months, they have been invaluable as feedback.


Bryden Chew


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